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These AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries are available in all conventional capacities from 0.8Ah up to 65Ah, many are VdS certified. For each individual application, a battery is designed to function optimally.
The batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free. Using the latest production techniques coupled with extensive quality control high reliability, excellent quality and durability. Moreover there is no risk of leakage and the battery can be discharged in any position.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 CP1.2-6 6V 1,2Ah - F1 B00 97x24x58
 CP3.2-6 6V 3,2Ah - F1 B00 134x35x67
 CP3.5-6 6V 3,5Ah - F1 B00 194x25x56
 CP4-6 6V 4Ah - F1 B00 70x47x107
 CP7-6 6V 7Ah - F1 B00 151x34x100
 CP12-6 6V 12Ah - F1 B00 151x50x100
 CP0.8-12 12V 0.8Ah - W+C B00 96x25x62
 CP1.2-12 12V 1.2Ah 4 F1 B00 97x43x58
 CP2-12M 12V 2Ah - F1 B00 150x20x90
 CP2.2-12 12V 2,1Ah 1 F1 B00 178x35x67
 CP2.3-12C 12V 2,3Ah - - B00 182x24x61
 CP2.9-12 12V 2,9Ah 0 F1 B00 78x55x104
 CP3.2-12 12V 3,2Ah 4 F1 B00 134x67x67
 CP4.5-12 12V 4,5Ah 1 F1 B00 195x47x74
 CP5-12 12V 5Ah 1 F1 B00 90x70x107
 CP7-12 12V 7Ah 3 F1 B00 151x65x98
 CP7-12L 12V 7Ah 3 F2 B00 151x65x97,5
 CP12-12 12V 12Ah 3 F2 B00 151x98x101
 CP18-12I 12V 18Ah 0 M5 B00 181x77x167
 CP20-12B 12V 20Ah 0 Flag 5.5 B00 181x77x167
 CP26-12I 12V 26Ah 0 M5 B00 166x175x125
 CP40-12I 12V 38Ah 0 M6 B00 197x165x170